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The Rock Racer

February 20, 2010

This has been an ongoing personal project. Built from the ground up, I have fabricated everything on the car from the chassis to the axles and steering. It has gone through several transformations along the way, has changed directions a couple times, but it finally runs.

Specs on the buggy

TIG welded chassis
Turnkey LS2
Culhane TH400 Transmission with 300M input shaft hardened drum, 32 element sprag, HD clutches, manual valve body
TCS Billet Converter
Atlas 3.8 transfer case with cable shifters
JE Reel Drivelines
Spider9 Front with 1550 knuckles, CTM Racing 1550 axles and u-joints, custom hand built steering, Hi9 with 4.86 R&P and an ARB, Wilwood 4 piston calipers and Spidertrax 14″ rotors and aluminum hats, Howe 10″ double ended ram mounted like a single ended ram.
Spider 9 Rear axle, Hi9 with 4.86 R&P with a full spool. CTM 35 spline 300M axles and drive slugs, Ballistic Fab 14 bolt spindles, Solid D60 hubs, Wilwood 4 piston calipers and 13″ rotors
Ron Davis double pass radiator
19×31 fluidyne double pass transmission cooler
Dual Spal 12″ fans
PRP Seats
Howe Hydraulic system
16 Gallon Fuel Safe cell
Rock Equipment sway bar
Rear Suspension: 14″ King 2.0 race series coilovers and 14″ 3.0 King race series 5 tube bypasses. 74Weld Rock Racing Trailing Arms pulling 24″ wheel travel, strapped to 22″
Front Suspension: 14″ King 2.0 coil carriers and 14″ 2.5″ King bypasses, strapped to 14″
KMC Beadlocks with 39″ Sticky Krawlers
PRP Seats and Belts
7″ Lowrance GPS
Racer X Intercom
Icom Race Radio
Ramsey 6000lb winch

I have received a lot of questions regarding the steering setup on this rig. My explanation is simple. I like single ended rams because they run a full tie rod. You can hit that tie rod on rocks all day long without the worry of bending the ram. With a double ended ram if you hit the tie rods on a rock you run the risk of bending the ram. I have seen people run a double ended ram with an additional tie rod. I drew this up in a solid modeling program and cycled it to see what would happen. Even in the best case scenario it bound up by 1/2″. I know people do this, but I think it will lead to problems. So I mounted the double ended ram like a single ended and allowed one end of the ram to float in space. It works perfectly and I get the equal push/pull of a double ended with the safety of a single ended.