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Unimog 404 Portal Boxes

February 22, 2012

These are quite possibly some of the coolest parts to ever see dirt. These massive chunks of aluminum are a redesign of the old Mercedes Unimog 404 portal box. The stock Unimog box is made from cast iron and are very susceptible to breaking. While they are strong, they were never designed to be used in hard core rock crawling applications where the vehicles see speeds of 100mph, jumps, rocks, and all the punishment of rock crawling.

Knowing what breaks and where is part of the battle, the next step was to design and manufacture a portal box that was lighter and stronger than anything else on the market. These prototype boxes are machined from 7075 T-6 aluminum. They feature additional material over the stock boxes in what we feel are the necessary areas. They are lighter, stronger, and have the bling factor unlike anything ever created for Unimog axles.