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Unimog Portal Boxes

May 20, 2013

The 74 Weld Portal Boxes are designed around the Unimog 404 portal axles, but feature numerous upgrades. They are designed to be lighter, stronger, and much cooler than the cast iron boxes made over a half century ago. The boxes are machined from 5″ thick 7050 aluminum plate and incorporate radii throughout the part to minimize stress risers in critical areas. We drill and tap the boxes for 7/16-20 bolts so you no longer have to pull a wheel to make sure your boxes are tight. These boxes give you the option of running the factory brakes, but for those that want to shave weight and gain performance, we have designed caliper mounts to accept 6 Piston Wilwood Dynalite calipers using 14″ Spidertrax rotors. One of the major design improvements over the stock boxes is obvious as soon as you put it in your hands. The stock boxes have been knows to blow out around the large lower gear due to shock load, hitting them on rocks, and all around use and abuse that the 404’s were never intended to handle. The 74 Weld Portal Boxes have an additional .300″ of material around the large gear to combat these forces. We also added an additional .080″ of material on the back side of the upper small bearing. All of these minor design improvements will pump new life blood into the old Unimog 404 boxes, making them ready for any off road adventure. We have over 2 years of testing on these boxes without a single issue.